..I am not very happy with the Web Clip feature introduced by Google in Gmail. I am not understanding the very need of this feature. For blog updates I would have gone to Google reader(well I did not like that software too..but it is a different topic). And when they did introduce web clip, they could have made use of the feeds I would have already had there. If the feeds too are in this place why should other things remain separate? I liked Gmail for its simplicity as just an email client. I prefer it remained that way.

On the other hand the new feature of viewing word/pdf documents as HTML without opening the application is a neat feature. And ofcourse, Google transit looks useful. If they want it to do for Indian cities for buses, coupled with the power of Google earth, they can dynamically locate a route which has less traffic and which has less potholes. 😉

4 thoughts on “For some vague reason..

  1. I think the Web Clips feature is meant to make your inbox more interesting. It's probably not for heavy-duty feed reading, but more for interesting facts and stuff like that. I dunno, I just thought it made reading mail more interesting… erm…

  2. Ed Hou, You are right….it is all perspective based. There are people(I once used to) subscribe to feeds to be delivered to inbox.