Sometime back this site got installed Gallery 2 which is much different and advanced photo management system than the one I had earlier.There is better integration with WP via a plugin. This also required me to look out for few WP-G2 themes so that the themes look similar to both on WP and Gallery.
Thus I had to move away from my favorite “Fast Track” theme. I tried with few other themes and I disliked some that were liked by the visitors. Thus after much deliberation I put up the theme switcher plugin that will allow the visitors to change the look of the theme on the client side.
It is a very beautiful thing I have seen and had instantly liked it long back but the reluctance to use it comes only from the repeated customisations that I need to make on all themes and of course I had wished to retain to right to decide the way my site looks for everyone. However, since multiple themes would make my site look different and better on each other’s system, I gave it a nod. However as usual, the ignorant visitors to my site never made use of it (and came up with complaints). As usual, what the heck, I will continue it running.

My favorite themes are
Falling Leaves,Express Yourself and
the older one Fast Track (waiting for WP-G2 theme of this).Infact I like almost all themes from
Let me know your favorite. Also, let me know if you come across good WP-G2 themes.

So now, I have a not-very-easy task of tidying up things to make certain things look similar on all my plugins.(Let me know if you have any opinions or suggestions). But the work requires certain patience and certain time. When I do have time I became lazy and just end up reading stuff on net rather than cleaning up things back home.

Meanwhile I jumped to buy a domain for myself (took suggestions about where,what,how from Pradeep and Anil). Some small work has to be done after which it would be completely operational. This blog continues to host on Negimaki. Steve has been of great help and support everytime I have faced issues and Negimaki offers more than I need for hosting.

Now, due to some unavoidable reasons I am not getting access to the internet which has put all the work on hold. Hope to fix up things soon.
Update: The new url related work is all done. So please update your bookmark and RSS feed. Do visit the blog at least few times at least to value the time and effort of themes and plugin developers. And before I forget, since all the themes are borrowed from professional designers, if you see (I have seen) something not working on IE it is probably a browser related issue and so please use Firefox Get Firefox

2 thoughts on “About themes and ..

  1. I found your blog by googling around a little… Any chance you know a good wpg2/gallery2 theme to integrate g2 nicely into FastTrack?


  2. Nicolas,
    I do not know when FastTrack wpg2 will arrive. Someone was working on it and there has been no update since a long time.