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These days I started feeling a kind of void (not the first time!) and felt that I am not utilising my time in a proper way. To console myself I have applied to a Masters Degree via correspondence. My further plans are still unknown.
The course provided lot of electives. I always find making a choice difficult. I have experienced that enough during the selection of electives in Engineering. Though this time I made it easier for myself. I sent out a mail to my buddies like Sriram, Sripathi ,Sathish and guidance from Pradeep. They know my strengths/weakness or likes/dislikes and my current area of work and future prospects. I asked them to suggest.

Once their replies came it was easy for me. I had no problem when their suggestion matched each other’s. (The replies were so similar that both of them ended up saying “After all this I might have ended up confusing you more” !!!) I simply selected that subject. I did not even look at the syllabus. When it was a tie, I had a problem. I consented other people, it was again a tie. Finally I chose considering that there is an oppurtunity to learn one more subject overseeing the advantage of the other subject in regards of marks or ease of topics.

This was the criterion that I (or rather we few) used in Eng too and at the end of the sem, we would regret making the choice as others would score better marks. But the satisfaction laid with us that we know more and better. Of course all this never counted for the job (in general) and all that mattered were marks (of others) is a different issue.

For me next year looks quite active. More on this later when plans materialise.

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