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Getting up before alarm

November 30th 2005 in DontKnowWhomToAsk

I had been intending to ask this…why do I sometimes wake up just a minute before alarm would shout ?

Answer is here.

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I used to consider myself a good reader of people. This belief has taken a great beating in terms of guessing which path the person I think I know would take in terms of his/her marriage.

The person I think would go for arranged marriage would end up in love marriage. And vice-versa.

Strange people. Or my […]

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Sometime back this site got installed Gallery 2 which is much different and advanced photo management system than the one I had earlier.There is better integration with WP via a plugin. This also required me to look out for few WP-G2 themes so that the themes look similar to both on WP and Gallery.
Thus I […]

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