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Saw The Myth by Jackie Chan and Mallika Sherawat. Saw the movie on original DVD in Chinese! The film is usual Chan flick with breath-taking stunts as usual. And, if you are watching movie for the obvious curious reason you would want to watch it for, you would be disappointed.

The story goes like this: There is an young man who gets strange dreams as if he is present in King’s era, as a soldier and he protects/likes the queen. He also fights wars. After each dream the man wakes up disturbed and sets out find out the mystery about his dreams. This brings him to India (that part was shot in Hampi) and a girl here saves him from the local people. Local people were after him because he stole a sword. While saving himself and her from the furious people, is a *fantastic* fight sequence.

He then sets out for one final mission (don’t ask me what it is) and then meets his yester-life’s queen. Then a flying fight sequence ends the movie.

If I have given wrong information or if it has sounded too meaningless, my ignorance of Chinese language is the reason. So excuse. And MS did look gorgeous in the red saree dance sequence.

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  1. No man…didn't buy it!! Borrowed it from a Chinese colleague (along with other Chinese DVDs).
    Right now trying to learn only Tamil !

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