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The team outing which got postponed twice, got cancelled finally. I was initially very disappointed as I had postponed going home due to the picnic. But it turned out quite a good weekend anyways.

First I watched long pending Gladiator. “Never say die”.

Then it was a visit of a friend from college, a project mate. It was good meeting up with him and had a nice time..I hate shared attention and shared interaction that happens in regular get togethers and this was good but could have been better (if he did not bring along his friend and that if we spoke little more rather than watching the movie).
Then we went to see a movie. Sudden plans are always interesting. I watched Sivakasi Asin. It was not long ago that I saw her but before you start guessing, I am just hoping that she might make me learn Tamil faster. If megastar can do it for Megha to learn Telugu, why not for me? 😉

On Sunday it was bloggers’ meet! Last time I was late by an hour and had hesitated to join …so this time I was well on time. Met lot of interesting people ! There were very knowledged people. There was Dr, there were IT industry people, there was teacher, students, active reader, inactive blog owners and so on(No, there was no Docs Dope physically but he was in everyone’s talk! Dont know who is docs dope? never mind!) . There were those who consciously avoided speaking to me, there was those to whom I could not speak. There were those to whom you could listen endlessly. And there were those who did not want to speak. Blogosphere too is, like the real world, combination of all people contrary to my expectation that it is only of outspoken and extrovert people.
Few cribs:
1. I got involved so much that I forgot I was carrying a camera.
2. A general intro did not happen and I think I missed out speaking to few people.
But it was a wonderful meet I should say, for it gave an oppurtunity to connect to different people from different fields. And, more blogs added to my blogroll! And expecting few more clicks on mine.

The picnic being cancelled, I thought I would have a sad weekend, on the contrary, it is over in a flash!

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