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Weekend movies

November 14th 2005 in Life, Movie talk, Thoughts

It was the Legend of Zorro on saturday and hugely popular Gajini on sunday.

Zorro (though I have not seen the first part) looked neat. Impressive action, pinch of comedy, little but good action, performances that are not complainable, a background music I liked and a feasible plot. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Antonio Banderas and the kid (Adrian Alonso) were impressive. Particularly I liked the kid. Though the movie could have done with little more action and little more pace, it was ok as the very predictable plot too looked fresh.

Gajini was a long pending one after listening to its songs almost 10 times a day (no, not by choice..but the radio keeps playing it non-stop and at my workplace radio singing is a must). I had known that the character has temporary memory loss and expected some Anniyan style of film. Even though I do not follow every word of Tamil, it was ok as I feel there were no great dialogues. Initially I enjoyed the movie till little after interval. But later I felt, it became not only predictable but it looked very hurriedly done to finish it off. The built up was ok but it did not live up to it. How I wish the voilence was a separate film and that of quite-romance-quite-comedy was turned into another movie. I enjoyed Asin and Surya in that part. How I wish Kalpana did not die (at least not in that manner). How I wish the villains looked believable and they were punished enough (and not just in one shoot sequence). And why was an abrubt inclusion of the twin villian – just for those matrix-like fighting sequences ?

For some reasons I seem to be liking these fairy tales like Zorro. In comparision of 2 movies (ok, I can not compare because they are not similar, but then) too I would pick Zorro..may be because there is a happy ending! May be because the movies in bollywood have totally run out of ideas. Any bollywood movie (particularly of romantic genre) seem to be pissing me off , for I can see their inspirations in many previous movies. Otherwise, Hindi movies will create a hype to which they fail to live upto. Or they lie at extremes. In other cases, I am plainly just not impressed.

In one of the reviews I read that “Garam masala is bad but If shadi no 1 is the alternative for Garam Masala, I would go for the latter”. This shows the state of affairs right now in many circles. There is no choice to pick up a good one. But a pale comparision and remaining one after eliminating among the bad candidates result in the winner. Similar to the story in elections.

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“Weekend movies”

I told you not to go to gajjini
But would u listen….


Firstly that is a lie. You never told me not to go.
Second, still no regrets. I believe bad movies are to be seen to appreciate the good ones better.


I think tha surya looks like a dwarfed giant and the hairstyle screams rebonded from 2 miles. Didnt see the movie though. Not that I missed anythin in life!!


So sad you have to look at dwarfed giant ,,
but I can enjoy looking at the glam-doll ;-)

My Diwali offs were somewhat good. Absolutely did not have time to log the activities. However an album is better than nothing.

Here is my racing video, and here is the album of selected pics: Deepavali/

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