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Some photos

November 12th 2005 in Pics

My Diwali offs were somewhat good. Absolutely did not have time to log the activities. However an album is better than nothing.

Here is my racing video, and here is the album of selected pics: Deepavali/

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“Some photos”
Sripathi Kamath

Hey.. the photos have come out too good.. especially deepavali121.. u should have been at the center of the halo man :)
hey, i noticed that i am not commenting on most of the blogs mainly because i use feeds to read the post and can't directly reply through them.. Is there an aggregator that also allows people to reply without opening their blog pages? Or can we start one?


Oh! Thanks..
There was another pic with me right in the center, but the circle was incomplete :(

Regd comments..u could always go to the sites via the bloglines to comment. I use bloglines just to know that there are new posts and go to the site to read them/look at the site (efforts go into site design, so I just have a look) and to comment.
And now that you have started blogging, it would be a good self-advertising to comment on other's blogs..for they will come back to see who you are :)

I know of no aggregator allowing to comment directly from it..its a good idea though!
Start one..you mean writing a feedreader that allows you to comment ?? good idea!

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This is too good. Head over to gallery.

Ps: Essay- Hackers and Painters

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