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Einstein tells me

October 30th 2005 in Fun

..that I should chase my dream:

Fun via this.
And here are my two most favorite quotes from the same genius(click on the pics to enlarge) :

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Via Swaroop

And the above will result in :
<table BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=8 CELLSPACING=0 style='border: 2px solid #000000;width:140px;'›I’m loaded.It’s official.I’m the 107,565 richest person on earth!How rich are you? >>

Heck, my full time job does not make me that rich (obviously) …
and then there is a good earner […]

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I write computer programs to create graphic images.

With an algorithmic goal in mind, I manipulate the work by finely crafting the semantics of each program.

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Ps: Essay- Hackers and Painters

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