1. Hey RK,

    After a long long time, finally decided to look at "What the whole heck is about blogging ?".
    Not that I had something against them or so…but, well let's say it didn't happen…..well thanks to you & anil for introducing me to same.

    Ps:- Don't presume me to be an active blogger from now on!!! (Kiddin)

    Well I must compliment a few things on your blog..
    1) Good language, crisp & clear yet interesting.
    2) Your blog looks well structured & is an interesting read…

    Great going & enjoy your weekend buddy


  2. Hi Nagaraj and welcome!,
    I can understand the "long long time" and "it didn't happen" 🙂
    Even if you dont want to be an active blogger, I suggest you read blogs. There are good stuff out there and I will send you some my fav blogs via email.

    I also suggest you use bloglines. That is the easiest way to keep track.
    And even if you dont blog, keep coming back to mine 😉

    Thanks for the compliments 🙂

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