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October 27th 2005 in Life



Hello, can something be changed ?

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Looks like it is Chennai’s turn now after the heavy rains at Bangalore.

It has been raining here from yesterday afternoon. Heard that trains (Chennai-Bangalore) had been cancelled for the previous weekend. Lucky that I had not come home.But this weekend it is Diwali and planned since long.

It looks dark even during the day. No power.

Wish […]

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KEEP ON LOVING YOU (Reo Speedwagon)

You should’ve seen by the look in my eyes, baby
There was something missing
You should’ve known by the tone a’ my voice, maybe
But you didn’t listen
You played dead, but you never bled,
Instead you lay still in the grass, all coiled up and hissing

And though I know all about those men
Still I […]

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