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October 24th 2005 in Uncategorized

Got the wordpress.com invite at last. Just reproducing the post I put there. [Am not discontinuing here (negimaki) with all the additional advantages and of course with Gallery :) Surprisingly, for the first time I got my preferred username! ].

Finally am hereā€¦.WP has always rocked. From the day one I have liked it. With this wp.com, am sure blogger is going to have a tough time.

Few comparisions with the normal WP:

1)Powerful and simple features are available here

2)Post writing interface is very good. The look and style of many configurable items are now provided on the sidebar hence reducing the unnecessary scrolling. On the fly category creation to photo upload, all features and interfaces are neat

3)Photo upload. *Speechless*. Had not expected this

4)Easy way to select the themes. On the downside, selected themes can only be used. One point for me to remain with my WP

5)No plugins here. Major reason for me to stay back at my WP

In conclusion, beats blogger hands down in features. Providing WP and its features but yet by keeping it simple should attract more people towards WP. Long live WP.

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Sometimes I ask questions to get answers, as I do here.
This time, I got answer ready-made. When I qualify for 5 out of 6 reasons with out doubt, I deserve to get no-comments.

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