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While browsing when I find something interesting to share with people it is always difficult task to copy the hyperlink, paste that in an email and then sending those to the friends. I often forget that I would have copied some link earlier.

Of course there is (and a simple firefox plugin) through which not only can I bookmark for myself for the later use, I could ask my friends to keep a tab on that so that they would know what am I finding interesting. But there is a problem here. Unless they check out what have I bookmarked, not only will they not know about it, and also I never get to know whether they did see it or not. Also I feel the need of sharing particular links with specific people. Not all links would be relevant to all. Few days ago I had asked Pradeep about the possibility of such a topping/plug-in for To see my exact requirement being answered by another software is a relief and a good feeling!

Here comes Stumble Upon (via Nbk). I reluctantly started using it but am happy with it now. The features are all simple. It adds a toolbar on the firefox using which it is easy to send the link via email in one simple step. Along with an addition of the comment. Of course for my bookmarking I can mention that “I like it” and it gets recorded.

There is also networking in the form of friends and fans. The preferences/settings/profile user interface is simple and easy, thanks to javascripts.

Whats more..there is a Stumble button which keeps taking you to different pages of your interest (which you can choose from a number of groups like the communities in orkut) and it can get addictive! I found few repeat pages, but I guess that will improve over time. I know few people, who wonder about my addiction to browsing and tell me that they do not know what to see on the net. We are from different worlds. Parallel lines. They never see what I see and I can never see what they do not see!! They do not know how to spend time on internet and I get news ways to keep myself glued!

As with any software, my needs would never get complete. And here I would have liked maintaining mailing lists (to ease sending links).

And finally here is my page of it.

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