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It is been pouring in Chennai for the last few days. I really like it when it pours in the night and gets neater in the day so that I can travel to office safely and comfortably. If it is a weekend, the more I wish the skies to stay clear so that planned outings during weekends (which would have been kept pending or being planned earlier) are not hampered.

So today, when the skies cleared up, I, as usually, lazily, started towards office. No idea what made me start so late by estimating the usual time to get to office. Jam, it was one crazy traffic jam on the way. People got frenzy and started deserting the lanes and occupied the opposite lane too. Now where do the oncoming vehicles go? And unless they move, we can not move! I stuck to my lane as I know the other lane has to merge back to this one few yards ahead. I might get an easy flow. Why do not people act with little thought during these time and wait a little which would make everyone’s life easier ? Now all are stuck for an infinite amount of time.

I look around. Everyone seems to be equipped to face the rains. Some are packed in raincoats. Some are covered under umbrellas. Helmets. Varying colours of caps. Plastic covers. Folded pants and what not. And there am I, in the formal attire, in freshly pressed clothes, leather shoes and without any clue of covering. No helmet, no raincoat.

Clouds which seemed to have been waiting for some fool like this, started opening up little by little. Then did I realise what a position am I in. First of all I am late to office, delayed further by the maddening jam, now these raindrops are threatening to drench me!! God, why do not you clear the road only for me for a minute so that I can cruise through to office ? The tension is building up.

Just then, my lane, as I mentioned above, started progressing. As an arrow left from a bow, I sped to office even as the rain drops were trickling. Just when I parked my vehicle and entered the building did the cloud open up. Boy, was it rain ?!

I looked at the sky and smiled. 😉 I was victorious and sort of proud.

It rained for most part of the day. When it stopped for long time in the evening, I decided to leave. The skies are quite clear now. Now I am rushing to my house. There, suddenly out of no clue, as if the clouds remembered my wicked smile in the morning and were waiting to take revenge, bursted. I had left early to make use of some time. To wait for the rain to stop is not going to help. It is raining heavily and I would loose my time. No signs that it would stop for another hour. To cry and accept my defeat is not my way. I continued and enjoyed getting wet, soaked and finally drenched.

I get inside the compound, park my vehicle and the rain stops completely. I look at the skies.

Did someone smile at me? 🙂

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