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2 vs 2

October 14th 2005 in myQuotes

Two virtues whose importance can never be overemphasized:
1) Time management
2) Discipline
Two vices whose detrimental effects should never be underestimated:
1) Laziness
2) Negligence

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I have followed Rashmi’s Youth Curry and Gaurav’s Vantage Point since a long time. When I had seen IIPM exposed in JAM magazine, I did not think it would create such ripples.
Few days back I read about the so called email legal notice post ,and as he ends the post with a laughter break, I […]

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It is been pouring in Chennai for the last few days. I really like it when it pours in the night and gets neater in the day so that I can travel to office safely and comfortably. If it is a weekend, the more I wish the skies to stay clear so that planned […]

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