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Who doesn’t want to fly ?

October 8th 2005 in Uncategorized

Who doesn’t want to fly ?
That was the 5th sentence in my 23rd post which was the result of a curious and investigative effort to understand what in aerodynamics stops bumle bee to fly and how does it overcome it. Curiosity led to the finding that the famous quote is not factual.

People are curious and no wonder the highest hits I have got is for that post.

Ps: Posting of 5th sentence in 23rd post is according to a meme

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Being bachelor is tough. Had to face several difficulties in Chennai. During the hunt for the house, I call up the owner:
“Sir, we are looking for rented house, and you have advertised in the paper..”
“Bachelors ?”
“Y..” (Could hardly finish saying yes)
“Not available”. Cut.

One owner finally did enough investigation and accepted to rent the house. With […]

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Bit late, but here is the pic from the Gauri-Ganesha festival.

And here is the album:

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