Being bachelor is tough. Had to face several difficulties in Chennai. During the hunt for the house, I call up the owner:
“Sir, we are looking for rented house, and you have advertised in the paper..”
“Bachelors ?”
“Y..” (Could hardly finish saying yes)
“Not available”. Cut.

One owner finally did enough investigation and accepted to rent the house. With TV and enough free time I thought I could have a nice time..But wait, cable Cable owners here want you to buy their set top box and hence they do not show any paid channels. No Star, no zee, no proper movie channels, no sports. It sucks. Even after we pay them we get to watch only free channels. I can’t list what all I am missing on this front.

Missed the colourful play of Sania who is climbing rare heights, a historic win of England over Aussies in what are being said to be “wonderful test matches”, games of Federer, on the way to become one of the greatest players the game has ever seen,his addition of one more jewel to the crown.

There is a CD Player ..some hope…wait! no VCD libraries 🙁

To hell with these…and got an access to the system (flatmate bought it). When tried to get broadband connection from Airtel, had one hell of experience. Talking of call centers I have had terriblest experiences with Hutch and now Airtel. The problem is unawareness of their own schemes and policies.
Here I go…
What happened is this: Ordered for broadband connection and even after repeated reminders none of them turned up for whole 15 days. Every time they would give one number which makes no sense. Finally we only contacted a person who had earlier gone to our friend’s place to install broadband and that person came at last. But he said there is a problem to provide internet for bachelors. So we have to give 3k as security deposit. Huh! This was terrible. We had even proposed to buy the modem, instead of renting, if that was their concern. But he said it is a policy and suggested we tell the inspector who would come to verify, that we are a family!
I tried to speak to the customer care officers to clear the matter and get that waived off.

I: Hello [explains the problem]…this is the problem. No where on the pamplet is the mention of security deposit. Why is this not transparent ?
L: I will put you on hold and get the clarification….(Airtel jingle..the best part of the call)
L: No sir u have wrong information. I will let you know the latest rates.
You don’t have to pay security deposit.
I: Ok..
[gives latest rates, no security deposit]

I called the agent (A) and told him that they are telling me that no such deposit is required. He asked me to confirm again.

I: Hello..can I speak to L ?
S: L is busy. How may I assist you ?
I: [explains all]…….this is the problem.
S:I will put you on hold and get the clarification….(jingle)
S:Thank you for being on hold. You have got the wrong information and I apologise for that. Everyone has to pay security deposit.
I : (What the ?! ) Oh is it ? But L told me something else.
[And it went on a bit further, but made no sense ]

I called up as a different person to a different number…ordinary person and asked about security deposit. No one mentioned anything about it.

I again call up
L:How may I assist you ?
I: Can I speak to S ?
L: S is on another may I…
I:See, I spoke to u earlier..u said no security deposit for anyone and S tells security deposit for everyone…What is the issue ? Are you all not given complete and proper information ? How can one person’s idea differ from other’s about the same service ? Can I speak to your supervisor ?
L:I will put you on hold….(jingle)
L: I apologise. You have got wrong information, no deposit for anyone.
I:But S said so.
L:I apologise. I clarified now with concerned person. The information I gave is completely right and you can rely on that.
I:Can you get this word to agent ? I want my work done that’s all.
L:Yeah sure..
Tries conference call which does not work.

I am tired and call up agent myself and explain him everything. He gives me another number (his boss).

I speak to him and he clarifies there is security deposit.
I:But why…I am buying the modem
B:It is not for that. We charge for bachelors
I:Can you justify the security deposit ?
B:There are many cases of bachelors making huge bill say of 60k-80k and
running away without paying the bill.
I:See…I am a decent fellow from a respectable software company…
B:We don’t even exempt Infosys Wipro .
I:See, I have taken house on adv/rent and made an agreement, you can take his guarantee.
B:There is no provision for any waiver and you have to pay the money.
I:Is that final ?
I:Ok then, I am not taking your service.

It is not about money.

There is absolutely no logic in it. It is so trivial. If I want to cheat them 80k by making huge bill and running away, I will as well pay the 3k security deposit and make a bill of 83k !

Oh yeah..there is hope…BSNL suddenly slashed rates and waived off some charges. And heard the process is quite fast. Though the wait for the modem was unbearably long, it is ok. At least they don’t have problems about me being a bachelor.

So..finally am on broadband.

5 thoughts on “Some rant

  1. He he..Was thinking whether Airtel has nexus with some marriage bureau …now you too ??

    She shall wait 😉

  2. Well, Rk seems to be having a tough time in Chennai!!
    The other day a Chennaite in my office was mentioning about how cosmopolitan a city B'lore was as compared to Chennai.
    His reason for staying in b'lore(though his folks stayed in Chennai)was the freedom he had in a strange city, added to the comso culture.
    It's gonna be a toughie for people like me, for whom TAMIL is as foriegn a language as French is!!!
    I guess i can speak better German that tamil!!!

  3. NKS,
    Speaking of language and freedom, Chennai people are ignorant but that is what is leaving them behind. Pride is one and co-operation is another thing.