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October 6th 2005 in Fun

BlogPics/eyeOs.jpg What am I doing here ? Viewing this page inside WebOS which is opened inside a WebOS and which is again opened inside another……..
I like the colours ! EyeOs

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I also checked the EyeOs.. Amazing.. Hey they have mentioned something about the Google OS. Is it really going to happen in the near future ..?.


I was expecting Google OS.. No idea when it is gonna come.

It is too late to speak about it, but let me do my bit.

In its new avatar, google desktop search has become google desktop and packs some stuff in the sidebar. Of which I like photo slideshow just too much. I keep reading some stuff and doing some stuff on the comp and suddenly my […]

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Being bachelor is tough. Had to face several difficulties in Chennai. During the hunt for the house, I call up the owner:
“Sir, we are looking for rented house, and you have advertised in the paper..”
“Bachelors ?”
“Y..” (Could hardly finish saying yes)
“Not available”. Cut.

One owner finally did enough investigation and accepted to rent the house. With […]

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