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It is too late to speak about it, but let me do my bit.

In its new avatar, google desktop search has become google desktop and packs some stuff in the sidebar. Of which I like photo slideshow just too much. I keep reading some stuff and doing some stuff on the comp and suddenly my eye would have had a glance of a pic and after sufficient delay, the mind [in its multiprocessing mode], gives some time and recollects some information about the photo. I suddenly stop doing whatever I was doing and go and see that entire folder and sway back in the time for sometime. And then get back to work, fresh. It feels so good. I would have forgotten some photos, I might have never seen some. Usually photos do not convey much information (unless it is from a professional photographer) but the persons present in the photo, the events related to the photo give some good feeling about it. And it is such a boring exercise to go and see the slideshow of each photo I have. It is always better when someone comes after you rather than you go after them. 😉 [And for this same reason – things coming to me- do I like and use POP3, Bloglines, Rssfwd/Feedreader etc]

Then there is Google Earth. What do I say about this. People who know me well also know very well, how “geographically challenged” I am 🙁 Unless I frequent a place a minimum number of times, no matter what, I will not be able to locate the place on my own. Does it have to do with memory or something else, let me analyse during some other time. But the fact/conclusion is I get terrified at the idea of going to new location in the city on my own. And with the updated Bangalore in the software I guess now I can set things straight. Even before Bangalore’s update I had spent hours together on the software and this time when I had been to home, it occupied 90% of the computer usage time! I located my house, the college (wow, it really looks beautiful from the top), the path I used to take to home(2) from college, the travelling path to my offices, locating friends’ houses and what not.(One requirement I have from the software: A way to “mark (and send) the route” and not just put the placemarks) And with each path would be associated some incidents and some memories [Considering that I have not been in Bangalore for long, I have very limited incidents to recollect at any given part of the city. ] and what easier way than this to get lost in the past ?!

Another software I used and liked was Picasa. I did not know that it was so rich in features! Good, my photos look much better than what I was capable of clicking!

Some other links that would have taken up my free time were: 1, 2,3,4,5,6
Update Feedreader from Google

And finally some complaints. Did not hear good reviews about this I could not use/test/try google talk as none of my friends are using it or are available online when I am online. But with the invisible mode off, I would not use it much. Talking of invisible mode, I am usually in invisible mode in Yahoo messenger and I have always felt the need of another option in yahoo along with these three (in stealth settings):
1) Online
2) Offline
3) Permanently offline
The other option I wanted was “Permanently online ” to selected people. Sriram too had the same thought when it struct to both of us that, Permanently offline itself is to be used for what we are in need of. Usually we both will be invisible mode to each other and unless he sees me online he would not go and change his stealth settings for me (and same here). So it would result in neither of us seeing and starting the conversation. Instead, he should make the stealth settings as permanently offline to all others except me (for eg) and he should never use invisible mode (and same setting on my messenger). After realising the solution, it seems so obvious and trivial, but actually I had never given a thought about it.

Update: Evaluated and using Google talk. It is good, better than yahoo talk. Clarity is great and delay is not noticeable. I speak to my brother(teach him C++, debug his programs!) and talk with parents as if I am at home (for 2 hours at stretch, sometimes).

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