KannadaAudio has some wonderful collection of audio. Apart from film songs, there are other collections like – devotional songs, folk songs, Yakshagana, Harikathe, Drama, Vrathas, Discourses etc. Whats more there is also 24 hour radio channel ! It is a good site to be bookmarked for Kannada Music. My downloading like there is no tommorrow costed me a whopping bill (though it is another matter that they messed up with the calculation and I was within limits.)

I searched for freeware recorders to record/rip those .ra files, so that I can play them on my Music system. But none of the freewares are good. They either record while playing (which would take a hell lot of time and sometimes end up in error), also I can not time division multiplex those recordings. Without any option I had to look at shareware. A peek at the shareware gave me a good software which is primarily a downloader – HiDownload. One useful feature was it could download the multiple links in the playlist/script. It came with a ra2mp3 converter (again a shareware) but does the job well.
Two bugs I noticed: The converter to mp3 would delete the earlier mp3 present at that path before it starts new conversion (which meant I had to constantly move files to other folder). HiDownload while downloading the links, does not put the corresponding files into the folder specified but puts in the default location.

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