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Today there was mock fire warning in our building. It was done to observe the reactions of the people to such warning. At the end it was summarized like this:
1) People do not rush outside when there is an alarm. Instead they try to grab their belongings, lock their cupboards and what not. Your life is important than all those so please hurry as soon as there is an alarm.
2) People walk slowly as if they are going for an evening walk and they wait for their friends to join. It is important to save your life first. Just run.
3) 5th floor people were not active compared to others. Remember fire goes up and even when there is fire in lower floors, 5th floor people are also expected to evacuate. As soon as possible.

There were other two points, but these were the important ones. The safety measures are good. But somehow the seriousness is not present among us. Probably because we have not seen / experienced anything like that. As they say, experience is a comb given to you after you get bald. Touch wood.

Just the thought of being surrounded by fire, unable to do anything, to see all the plans for the future becoming meaningless, second by second heat and glow approaching me, to think everything burning to ashes – oh, this is scary. Next time I will run for life.

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