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September 25th 2005 in People

Wow! It is finally here. The one I had been wanting! Also I am waiting for the invite to try it out. Update: I got

Got it via Chugs. A word about the blog. The “Links For A Sunday Morning” which is regularly (most often) and promptly posted , like this one, gives a lot of useful information. Unlike other blogmelas which only links to blogs and are, in a way, time bound, the links found here are informative. Some links carry a very short description which helps to pick and proceed!
Spare sometime everyweek and headover to Sunday morning links. Spare yourself the effort of finding good information, the filtered and selected stuff helps!

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The publicity and the popularity that Jogi has gained made me curious to check it out in the theater. Impression : Not bad to Good.

The film starts off with a mother searching for her Mahadesha in the midst of Bangalore city. Through cleverly placed flashbacks we come to know that her son was a Jogi, […]

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Quite a few times, after first few minutes of the movie, you will be transported to some other world. You will remain there, laugh and cry with characters, cheer at some scenes and become dumb during others, gasp and finally clap. You move out of the theater nodding, smiling at others. Everything looks beautiful.
Iqbal was […]

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