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The publicity and the popularity that Jogi has gained made me curious to check it out in the theater. Impression : Not bad to Good.

The film starts off with a mother searching for her Mahadesha in the midst of Bangalore city. Through cleverly placed flashbacks we come to know that her son was a Jogi, following on his father’s footsteps. Their already troubled life due to deteriorating health of father worsens after his death. Being unbelievably innocent, Jogi, sets out to Bangalore in search of work that would keep his mother happy. Unfortunately few turn of events result in his arrest, an attempt to kill him and a group of people to protect him. In short, he is drawn into the big bad underworld.
Meanwhile a journalist student is in search of a sensational story bumps into the mother. She listens to the story of her son. In parallel, she also gets to know the story of Jogi. But she is late in realising both are same. Search for son and search for mother continues.

Do they meet ? If yes, how and when? What happens to the underworld and the baddies ? To know the answers to the above, watch it on screen! (Hey..this is my first conscious attempt to not-to-be-a-spoiler).

Shivaraj Kumar comes out with an impressive performance with the dead and sad look on the face. The jogi outlook suits him as well as that of don’s. But the best part is the way he effortlessly breaks into dance (huli kunita). As mother, Arunadathi Nag breathes life. Jeniffer (of “Just Mohabbat” which was coming on Sony) wears good outfits and does her part well. The songs except for 1 or 2 are completely forced into movie. The picturisation of Ello jogappa in Rajastan (Jaipur to be precise) is beautiful. The music by Gurukiran has caught on with the public but I like only Ello jogappa. Bin Laden/ Bill Clinton song, though has foot stepping music, is marred by bad and insensible lyrics.

Direction is good (mostly because of a tight narrative and intelligent flashbacks), ably supported by slick editing. What was significantly different in the treatment is presence of the emotional angle (feel that never ends) and it keeps moving with the bloodshed angle in parallel.

What I do not understand – Is there really so much underworld activity in Bangalore that there is flurry of movies on those lines like Kalasipalya, Majestic etc
And what is the relevance of running around and using sword/Hatcher instead of automatics.

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5 thoughts on “Jogi – A feel that never ends

  1. Jogi is a superhit movie. Thanks for giving the review. I have watched it 5 times and wept all the 5 times. One of the best kannada movies in the recent times.

  2. Good review.
    Remember we need not have rowdism to make a movie on that. There are occasions when there have been movies based upon the theme, India Pakistan war, Lesbianism etc , does that mean they keep hapenning. Get a break.
    I have not seen this movie at as my ploicy is to go for a "First day first show" will not miss the 100th day though.

  3. (What I do not understand – Is there really so much underworld activity in Bangalore)
    I am the person who always use to see some public gangwars {My badluck 🙁 }
    Basically i am from Delhi.But i haven't seen such a public gangwars in my lifetime.You can differentiate bangalore rowdysum compare to other Capitals.Perhaps only swords talks rather than Guns Or pistols.
    Bombay's most of the Bars and Dance floors are owned by Karnataka People (Mangalorian Bhunt's)
    You can say in other words they are leading there.
    But still Kannada industry using the names of Old gangleaders of 1990's.But now Bangalore Crime Department on at work and killed almost all gangs.

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