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Finished reading Five point someone. It is a damn good book. Every sentence was good – thought provoking to funny simple one liners, contradictions to descriptions. All characters are adorable. The author (Chetan Bhagat) is like Nagesh Kukunoor and Farhan Akhtar rolled into one. And even Munna Bhai some times. Can’t forget Hip hip hurray (one of my fav tv serials) Don’t know how will the movie come out.

But my choices for the cast are like this
Alok – Tushar kapoor or that hip-hip hurray guy with the specs, Govinda difficult but ok) che..I am not getting a perfect cast for this one.
Ryan – Sanjay Dutt ( I know he is too old to be in IIT, but remembering unna bhai, he fits the bill) Even Aamir Khan (remembering DCH) should be fine.
Cherian – Boman Irani or Anupam Kher. Both will be amazingly good.
Another prof who helps them – This V tv vj..He was in hip hip hurray..I think his name is Vinay Pathak.
Neha- No one can do justice to Neha, and I am sure Hari would agree with me. Though the character is too sweet to be anyone, Rani fits I guess.(or is it bcoz I remember the slight resemblance of the character in KKHH) Gracy singh was also fine but Neha is more naughty. Even Priety would be good. Nandita Das too.
Hari – First person that comes to my mind is Akshay Khanna. (Possibly bcoz DCH)..but let me think other options-Nagesh Kukunoor won’t be bad. Saif would be good as well(DCH and Humtum)

There were few similarities I could draw. Salman in pyar to hona hi tha had shades of Ryan in that rich-parent-neglected-boy angle. Then there is this whole Munna bhai angle of hero loving prof’s daughter. KKHH (or Ghulam?) in SRK entering the girl’s bedroom in the night to give flowers.

Obviously I found several similarities with the circumstances, events and persons (Identify). Hari is a moderate fellow, most often dominated by Ryan. Ryan is undisputedly most adorable character in the novel. Always bashing the system. Getting the most ridiculous scores possible. Doing all sort of business before exams. Always trying to do something new.
I really envy all those who get to stay in hostel and study. It is a boon.With good room mates there is absolutely a great experience one can keep all his life. The school life falls way short of a hostel life, I guess.

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4 thoughts on “Five point someone

  1. i read it today on 20th oct 2005 and could not curb myself to complete it in one shot , really it is a amazing book, although i am in NIT, jaipur but each sentence made me feel that i am watching all three guys and neha in front of me while reading five point someone.. ..
    thanks to chentan to write this.

  2. Neha is unforgettable. I read the book 2 two days back only but still n i know for long n ever, i won't b able to forget neha. she has something charismatic abt her which lingers over one for a very long time… she kind of seems perfect in every way… she is so simple… i m in love with her though wonder is she really existed coz i haven't been able to trace her till now… ne clues…
    i m really lookin forward to the movie…


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