1. i read it today on 20th oct 2005 and could not curb myself to complete it in one shot , really it is a amazing book, although i am in NIT, jaipur but each sentence made me feel that i am watching all three guys and neha in front of me while reading five point someone.. ..
    thanks to chentan to write this.

  2. Neha is unforgettable. I read the book 2 two days back only but still n i know for long n ever, i won't b able to forget neha. she has something charismatic abt her which lingers over one for a very long time… she kind of seems perfect in every way… she is so simple… i m in love with her though wonder is she really existed coz i haven't been able to trace her till now… ne clues…
    i m really lookin forward to the movie…


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