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The tour started in tension and apprehension. One should never believe these ticket agents. They find all the ways to cheat you and have no botheration about your concerns. While waiting for the ticket at his place, there sat another fellow. Fellow-cheated-by-agent. Like me.

“You should be wise” he sounded as if he was. Any unnecessary usage of 2nd person instead of 1st person in a general statement indicates the person is either arrogant or he is defeated/hurt.
“I bought an open ticket to be converted into a confirmed seating by a person sent by this agent. The person never turned up and I cancelled the ticket. Next train is 4 hours later. Tension on one hand, disappointment on the other”
“You should never believe these crooks. They do their business and they know all the ways to make money. They are not bothered about you.”

I had a ticket at least with RAC. But the tensions, confusions, the way I am cheated, the way I was treated from the beginning have made me wiser. This, hopefully, will not repeat.

There are cheats everywhere. Some are in the form of breaking the queues. Some in the form of ticket agents. Those who bribe, those who get bribed. It will take an “Indian” or an “Anniyan” to stop all these. No, stop dreaming.

There are good souls, like the one who helped me in need, to send a sms.

The train is crowded. There were these 200 odd people returning from their Char Dham. I am vaguely reminded of Godhra. What if some people know that this compartment has people who were on a holy visit. What if they burn this train?

There is this blind hand kerchief seller. Who gives away whole of his bundle for us to select from. What if he is cheated either by paying wrong amount or by picking up more pieces. He has no means of knowing it I guess. He has more belief in this world and its people. Perhaps it is because, he is blind.

I easily buy a pair, but am uncomfortable in donating to other beggars who just run into us. Displaying their helplessness. Violent and irritating eunuchs – a nuisance.

My co-passenger is carrying a little puppy with him. Everyone is attracted to it.

The outside of train is beautiful. I should settle somewhere like here. Lush green, large fields.HydSecBad/Hyderabad033.jpg Mountains in the backdrop. A drizzle.

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