Some miscommunication and I am all alone. No complaints.
The film city is spread around 2000 acres of land. Good facilities of sound recording, editing and sets are provided in side the city. We are taken in the bus for 2 trips. One showing us the different sets where films have been shot. Few buildings have different elevations. The bunglow-cum-highcourt, church-school-hospital-airport, bank buildings for example. The guide mentioned many film names or song sequences that were shot here, none do I recall. There are nice picturesque gardens, fountains as well.
A Tajmahal too. The other tour took me to a park and a cave. Cave reminds me of scary house. Some games like rangerHydSecBad/Hyderabad006.jpg, electric cars are provided. Nice place for a single day family outing. There are few live shows – stunt show, Spirit of Ramoji show (dance and gymnastics) and a comedy show. Stunt show was good.HydSecBad/Hyderabad012.jpg Gymnastics and tricks at the other show was also very good. There were signs of rain and I left the scene soon.

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