Twin City Tour – Day 1

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Babu accompanied me to marriage and in Hyderabad for a day. Nice fellow.

We went to Hussain Sagar Lake. Got down a stop earlier and walked along the lake. Nice roads. Beautiful, big lake. I tell “Babu, there are 2 points. I should visit a lake in the evening and preferably with a girl. Unluckily, it is 1 PM and you are with me.”
Oh!, a statue of BuddhaHydSecBad/Hyderabad002.jpg.In the middle of the lake. He might have disturbed by all the happenings on the land and has situated himself in the midst of the lake. Peace. We took a boat and were lighted near the statue. Just a few clicks and the showers came chasing us. I didn’t even have a complete look at the statue. At that face which is quiet. At the statue of a person who taught the mantra of peace to the world. And has made India proud.

The rains stopped as soon as we left the place. We then went to Birla Mandir. Nice templeHydSecBad/Hyderabad004.jpg. Not much crowded. Again the rain was after us. Drenched, we left from there and the rain stopped.

Next stop: Hyderabad Central. 5 storied shopping complex, spend more than a hour. Pick up a couple of books. I have put myself a rule. Spend at least the same amount of money on books as I spend on movies. I am forcing myself to read.

Go to Imax. Buy ticket for the 3D movie T-rex. There are few exciting joints like artificial rock climbing, hitting with hammer, scary house. Let me check out scary house, people are screaming from inside. Babu declines to get scared by paying money. There are better ways! Oh, there. Ramani, Nagi, Dutta. Let me join you guys. It is worth it. The Ramsay brothers have equipped me with the knowledge of make-ups of ghosts, diseased. But the sudden appearance and sounds, scare you. Ramani, Nagi took all the shocks as they were in front of me and being ever cautious and expecting I was, I was not surprised once. Expecting things make it easier.

But the fear carried to the movie where I shook twice or thrice! The 3D movie about a species T-rex was ok and special effects were good. Will a day come when all the movies would be made in 3D? That would be fun.

An eventful day.

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