1. I would like to quote a statement made by an old freedom fighter on the occassion of Independence day. It was shown on Doordarshan. He says, 'I agree that the India today is not the same India that we dreamt of on August15, 1947. But, it is also not the same India which was 60 years before. All our dreams may not have come true, but many of them have. If we achieve fully what we dreamt of.. then nothing would remain to achieve. There will be a fullstop'.

    I'm also reminded of the famous song by Huyilugola Narayana Rao 'Udayavaagali namma cheluva kannada nadu'. It had become more famous in the voice of P.Kalinga Rao before the formation of Karnataka(linguistic state). Once, Karnataka was formed on Nov 1,1956, P.Kalinga Rao sang it as 'udayavaayitu namma cheluva kannada nadu' (our beautiful kannada state has risen). Then the great poet stopped him and said, he would never expect this from 'His' kannada nadu. Once it has fully risen, it will lead to stagnancy. Also there is fear of fall. He has some great hopes and dreams about the kannada nadu and there should be constant efforts towards achieving it. There should be constant efforts in making it rise. The efforts would stop if it rises.

    I'm greatly inspired by these 2 situations. We may not be a developed country.. the reasons for it may be numerous. but we are also the fastest growing economy. Be happy by seeing the +ve side.

    Whatever she may be, however she may be, she is my Mother and I love her.

    Jai Hind!

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