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August 17th 2005 in People

Jagger got himself a partner to run the marathon life along with him. I was there in Hyderabad to witness that. Happy long run, my friend. :)

Pradeep too tied the knot. On Independence day! Anyways, best wishes to him too! :)

Am back in Bangalore after 3 day tour to Hyderabad. I will try and post about Hyderabad tour. I want to do it in detail and I require time. Quite a lot of it.

I have been with jagger all the while from the beginning of this episode. He had told me about his plan to get married before a fixed time frame, unless no girl likes him which was not going to be the case, he had said.
As the time approached, his search began and was on. Once he was visibly tensed and was waiting for a call. “I like one girl man, I wish she likes me too!” I too wished.
Few phone calls later, the things progressed. He was on cloud nine after his meet with her. Bold men too get weak in their knees in front of women. “I was so nervous for the first time in my life. I just could not speak anything” he blushed like a teenager who had just returned from his first date. Or maybe, teenagers need not.
About the future plan, he said “I will try to change her and persuade my plan”. “Or work both the plans out”. Few days later, “Or may be, I will sacrifice my plans and will support her and become a good husband. Because I think she is more organized/determined than I am!”.
Looking back at the troubled past, with watery eyes, he once told “Looks like I will finally get all the happiness I have deserved”. You sure should.

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