. What is the best word that would describe you?
. Your Home Town:
. Your Hobbies:
. Favorite holiday spot:
. Which day of the week you like the most:
. Latest movie watched:
. The best commercial ad you like:

These were some of the questions that had to be answered (in written) on the day of joining in this company. I was wondering what would be the reason behind this questionnaire. Will it be referred to a psychologist and would my personality be assessed ? Or so on and so forth…I was cautious while replying.

It is not for anything like that! Today when there was a mail with similar questionnaire and answers, I realized ,it is simply used as an introduction and welcome of the new candidate, by sending out a mail to all employees with this information. Good, isn’t it?

What did I write anyways ?

.Confident.Including the full stop

.Bangalore Not exactly. But that is where my home is,

.Reading books, computers. This has been my standard reply for many years…Do I really have a hobby? Do I do anything consistently ? …I was so tempted to write blogging, but didn’t. Firstly, not many understand. Second, it is not as serious to be considered a hobby. Or is it?

.Goa Wow..what a tour I had..If it was “spots” I would have even put Pondicherry, Yelagiri, Munnar, my grandfather’s place, Kanyakumari, Courtalam falls, Kovalam beach …

.Tuesday This was the most difficult..I don’t actually like any day in particular. Any day is ok if it is a holiday! I was tempted to put holiday 🙂 Actually I like Sunday..not only because it is holiday, but it usually marks an end of a small phase and the beginning of another. Also, it
is embedded in mind to like the approach of Sunday, a rest day, from school days (Even though now it need not be a rest day and sometimes it happens to be the most eventful/hectic day). Also because I tend to like anything that is associated with Sun. Also I was born on a Sunday. Then there was a good competitor in Friday..the day of movie releases. And now more famous for the advent of weekend. If I write these days, I thought, it might send a signal that I am lazy to work ! I like Monday too. Any change is good. Sunday brings in the change from the routine school/office going, and Monday again changes it back. I am fresh and eager to get back to school/work on Mondays. Monday blues are not for me! The in-between days are actually boring and same. How can I differentiate between a Tuesday and say, Thursday? During school days, Wednesdays at least were good because we could wear colour dress! With all these confusions troubling me, I was putting too much thought just to select a favorite week and I selected Tuesday, randomly.

.Bunty aur Bubli I thought of mentioning a Jackie Chan movie whose name I don’t know Before Sunrise and Before Sunset but were the latest I had seen. Just within 48 hours ago. Again being afraid of the signals it would send out about my tastes, I thought of mentioning some really offbeat-message conveying movie, to make them not see any purpose, meaning behind my taste! I don’t want any one to create an opinion about me
looking at the name of the movies I watch. Oh..lot of time going here too and I ended up with Bunty. “Yeh world hain na..world..isme do tarah ke log hote hain…”

.HutchThis was second toughest. I do not watch TV you see. No ad came to my mind for a minute. There was that odd ad of a cooking oil (was it Sunflower?!) where a cute kid runs away from home. And his grandfather gets him back bribing the jalebis, and when asked whether he would run away from home again, he says “jana to hai…magar 25 saal baad”. That is too old. Then there was a Kads ad for Pepsi. There was “Imaandar Shirt” ad. Then there was Airtel jingle ad, which I liked probably only because of A R Rehman and the jingle. Nothing great about the ad per se. There are scores of email forwarded funny ads which I can’t name/remember. Uff! Not a good, recent ad in front of me? Finally I chose Hutch – for the dog, for the kid, for the creativity, for the simplicity, for those smiling faces that were put all over the city and for Rahul Dravid.

What’s your take ? Use the comments!
Post the experience of not-so successful Booktagging, I will not tag anyone.
Would be interested to know your tastes though!