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Whosoever ignoble person found the combination with Ctrl key, he must have gone through lot of pain in his life. So he thought of making others realize that. My fingers are almost dead with pain after Ctrl C, Ctrl V and most importantly Ctrl F. It also shows the lack of far sightedness in key board designers who thought the search-copy-paste would be less frequently used than the alphabet keys and thus decided to save keys by not dedicating separate keys. Some good soul came up with Function keys, but seldom are they used.

I am waiting for keyboard-less, completely voice operated computers.

Not a word more, fingers are dead.

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2 thoughts on “Ctrl F

  1. Hi Sumanth,
    Is it so useful in Laptops ? I have no clue man. Also would it have been better than, say an alternative of a function key doing the job?
    Pressing a combination of keys , that too for a repetative work of copy-paste, is painful!

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