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Oh, well , I did enjoy this one. I was disappointed by yesterday’s war, but this pulled my spirits up.

Never having watched the cartoon also helped. Few special effects, little romance, some fun. Kid stuff, but there was some progress and events, in the sense that I can sit and narrate it as a bedtime story.

Usually I do not enjoy those silly magical stuff, not because I deceive myself that I have grown beyond that age, but primarily because I am not used to, in terms of neither cartoon series/comics nor books and secondly logic falls short of expectations. No surprises, in other words.

On the other hand, I am happy that I can enjoy both Fantastic 4 and Before Sunrise with the same comfort and ease.
Many people I know are skewed to particular tastes and that restriction assists them with logic to spurn the other kinds. Two other ingredients that would falsely make one give a bad verdict arepreconceived notion and expectations.

Ps: Looks like I am watching too many movies giving some pretext or the other. Wish, a certain fear or something else pulls me out of this inactivity and engages me in a more meaningful pastime.

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