1. Dude..you are indulging in piracy..chee..chee..what will happen to the film industry? How will they have the inclination/money to make new movies?? this is a pretty serious issue man.. what with us being dished out with such “watchable” movies eh??..and btw which video library do you frequent..my guy charges me a lot..hopefully i can borrow your cd’s:))

  2. Sumanth,
    Thanks for enlightening me 🙂 I will try as far as possible to stay away from piracy 🙂
    Here (in Chennai) there are no video cd "libraries". Somehow stumbled upon a vendor and I *bought* those cds (so charge is obv more than rentals). I can surely lend (or give them away!) to you, as I neither would watch them again nor interested am I in collecting them 🙂

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