War of the worlds

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Unclear CD blurred the intentions behind creation of this movie. Looked like a mix of ET and Id4, but lacked a story,flow. I feel, I can watch scenes in any order. Chaos in the city, run run run.

The scene in the basement is particularly gripping.

Technically, this might be very advanced compared to Id4 or Jurassic Park, considering the advancements in the equipments used and in the technology. But something else is required, isn’t it ?

Or did I do a mistake of watching on small screen ?

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2 thoughts on “War of the worlds

  1. Dude..you are indulging in piracy..chee..chee..what will happen to the film industry? How will they have the inclination/money to make new movies?? this is a pretty serious issue man.. what with us being dished out with such “watchable” movies eh??..and btw which video library do you frequent..my guy charges me a lot..hopefully i can borrow your cd’s:))

  2. Sumanth,
    Thanks for enlightening me 🙂 I will try as far as possible to stay away from piracy 🙂
    Here (in Chennai) there are no video cd "libraries". Somehow stumbled upon a vendor and I *bought* those cds (so charge is obv more than rentals). I can surely lend (or give them away!) to you, as I neither would watch them again nor interested am I in collecting them 🙂

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