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July 19th 2005 in Movie talk

Without knowing much background of the movie, I saw this one, actually due to unavailability of tickets to War of the worlds.Being unexpected often helps ! It was quite fun. The film is no masterpiece, but is better than many below average ones. It lacks a certain punch, a story line. Happy-go-lucky events, a warm music, little humour, some action, picturesque water (river) and deserts – wow, wish I could be a part of a fairy tale like that :)

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I too enjoyed the movie. The Angelina and Brad pair is really great !. I enjoyed the every bit of it.

This week was marked with many useful email conversations. It was good to find one or the other person ready(free) to listen, ready(free) to reply !
And the topics themselves were of diverse interests. I absorbed more in some and could put down my views in others. Important point was the conversations hardly digressed and were […]

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Sometimes we start in one direction in search of a thing. We go far. Having come this far we would not mind to search a bit more, just in the hope of finding it. Exhausted and the thoughts of returning empty hand & the long return journey would stop us from returning. We remember the […]

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