No input, No output

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If friends are meeting after a long time, there will be enough to speak
about the updates and changes. But if the two persons speak daily,
There has to be some external input for their conversation.
They need to share some common tastes (Connectivity)

I had a company with whom the conversation used to end as soon as it had
begun. His life, spent staying in a room, had no added attractions.

Input ? :We were not mean people so that we could “discuss people” (as in
the saying “Mean people discuss people, average people discuss events and
great people discuss ideas”) or because we had no common friends and he was
too disinterested to listen to my friends’ details. We did not discuss work.
He did not read newspaper, nor watched TV or browsed net. No wants, no
opinions, no complaints.

Taste? :Simple things which used to amaze me did not even make him curious.
My talk about internet, movies, songs, even philosophy did not evoke any
response. His talk usually began and ended with the summary of
sleeping-jogging as in : I slept for 8 hours, I jogged 6 rounds..Or
I am feeling sleepy now.It is ok, but daily ?? Politics which was
the only yes for him was a no for me. Cricket discussions couldn’t last
longer than, well, now-famous Ganguly’s batting duration.

Some talks repeated before we realized that. I used to bring some topic or
matter to continue conversation, but it used to be met with cold as in –
Dravid defending-blocking with a straight bat, calmly and killing the speed
of the ball from a pacer, bluntly. If anything, I learnt
compulsorily, from him, to cut-off the conversations. To
create (uncomfortable) silence.

I pondered how can there be nothing to talk between two people who do not
have problems.

Now I fear I am heading towards the same life. With only work as my
companion and rest of the routine life spent in my room, cut off from the
TV,Net,News I will not wonder if I don’t blog for a long while:
No input, no output.

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3 thoughts on “No input, No output

  1. Just Curious to know, if the person you are referring to, is the guy with whom you are sharing your apartment with, in Chennai.

  2. If you hadnt written this

    "I slept for 8 hours, I jogged 6 rounds..Or
    I am feeling sleepy now"

    I would have thought it was me in your blog


  3. Vishnu,
    No way man. I would not do <a>i-hate-my-flatmate on my blog 🙂
    You better start jogging 🙂

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