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Pai Viceroy Meet

July 11th 2005 in Uncategorized

was pending since a long time. Finally, we went there, had good fun
and good food. Few pictures are here.

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A Ram Gopal Varma direction. First time Big B under RGV’s camera. Bachan Father-Son Duo. Expectations are obviously high and results in house-full sunday morning show.
It can be said with conviction that the expectations are met, but alas they are not exceeded. No one is to blame, you wanted RGV’s take on underwold, mafia world, […]

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Solving Sudoku, a Japanese mind game / puzzle, has been one of my routine activities. It is a 9 x 9 matrix where some of the positions are filled. One has to fill in the remaining positions so that there are 1-9 digits in each row, coloumn and in each 9 non-overlapping matrices.
The simplicity of […]

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