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A Ram Gopal Varma direction. First time Big B under RGV’s camera. Bachan Father-Son Duo. Expectations are obviously high and results in house-full sunday morning show.
It can be said with conviction that the expectations are met, but alas they are not exceeded. No one is to blame, you wanted RGV’s take on underwold, mafia world, you wanted to see Big B and AB in an impression leaving act, you get it.

Sarkar or Subash Nagre (Amitabh) is against society-disturbing incidents/ anti-social elements. To punish them, to be just, to stop them he is willing to go against God, system, government, law. Unable to tolerate this, Rashid, a Dubai returned mafia trader wants to get rid of Sarkar. He is helped by, among others, Sarkar’s elder son Vishnu (Kay Kay). Younger son Shankar (Abhishek), US returned, is quite ignorant of the happenings until a time when he has to just show up and deliver. Abhishek has ample space to be centre stage and to perform during his evolution from being an observer to becoming a deliverer.

Rest, just follows.

The plots, twists give nothing new and unexpected, probably because we are too used to RGV flicks and The Godfather to which this one is a tribute by RGV. We could have been overwhelmed if Sarkar happened before Satya, but RGV himself had set such high standards with Satya that everything else looks just a leaf out of it. But that should not be mistaken for any doubt on the quality of Sarkar.

For Sarkar’s credit there is no excessive bloodshed, no shootouts, no loud crys. Just a chilling background score at times and short dialogues, heavy expressions. The body language boils down to facial expressions, for ,in some of the shots only faces are shown full screen. This is refreshing as nothing escapes out of the camera and eyes, facial nerves fill (for) the dialogue-less scenes. Also to be observed are the usage of extra-long silences between the short dialogues. Amitabh is Amitabh and his fans will get a nice experience and those who still doubt Abhishek’s talents, ability can check this one in which he displays intensity, screen presence, emotions & charm with ease.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    Great review,

    However, I feel that it's a combination of 2-3 reviews I read from different sources. However, the 3rd paragraph is composed beautifully.

    Keep up the good work.

    Nice web site by the way.



  2. Arif,
    Thanks 🙂
    Kindly let me know the sources so that I can see who has stolen my thoughts 🙂
    Thanks again, hope to see you visiting more often.

  3. Krishna,
    Thnx..and I will be looking for your tag.

    Me and science buff ? I don’t know, but what made you think at that ?

    And I know you, your blog to be precise, thru some links I stumbled upon while roaming in blogosphere.

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