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July 4th 2005 in Life, Thoughts

Some people have installed a “NOT gate” or “INVERTER” in their mind.
Whatever you say, they would oppose it and reply in negative. I have
carefully studied to see if that has got anything to do with attitude. No it
does not. They simply negate.

I say black they say white. I say right, they say wrong. I say old they say

I don’t accept defeat. I seldom forget.
The next time I get a chance, I say white. They say black :) He he he!!

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When I first saw this in Indian Blogosphere, I just felt like going into hiding! I realised that I would put up a sorry figure if I attempt to pick up the meme, and I mailed about it to few book-enthusiasts like Pradeep.

Now that I am formally tagged, let me come out –

Total number of […]

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