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July 3rd 2005 in Uncategorized

When I first saw this in Indian Blogosphere, I just felt like going into hiding! I realised that I would put up a sorry figure if I attempt to pick up the meme, and I mailed about it to few book-enthusiasts like Pradeep.

Now that I am formally tagged, let me come out –

Total number of books I own :
Even if I turn the whole bookshelf upside down, the maximum count would be
100. Bookshelf has more things other than books :) I borrow books quite often, and book lenders have a tough time to get their books returned, because I would not return until I finish reading them :D I am also very irregular about reading, sometimes I dont keep the book down till I finish, but some other times, the gap between reads is so much that I often repeat the same pages!!

The last book bought?:
Papillon by Henri Charrière

The last book you read?
Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Books I am currently reading:
The Last Frontier by Alistair MacLean

Books that mean a lot to me:
When bad things happen to good people (Harold S. Kushner)- This book answered my many questions.
A brief history of time - Stephen W. Hawking.
Mahapalayana – Translation of Papillon by K P Poornachandra Tejaswi.
Adventure – K P Poornachandra Tejaswi- Transalation of Three singles to Adventure by Gerald Durrell. I would say a must read for those interested in animals and their beautiful world, behaviour.

Tagging people :
I don’t think many are left to be tagged. Please let me know once you post.
People I know :
Chaitra (Hope you have some time to spare apart from reading books :) )
Sripathi Kamath (See now you have a reason to start a blog)
Vedanth (Looking forward for your tag…)
Naveen B K
Guruprasad Pandit(I know ur blog is mainly about treks, but just incase you are interested..)
Praveen P K
Praveen G K

People I know by their blogs:
(I am not sure if you have already posted about this.)
The Optimist
Dream Vendor
Dreaming Vampire

And any other person reading this post!

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“Book Tag”

Ya yaar. I have published this already.. :)


Dude, mission accomplished!!


Oops..saw it now.

Thanks for others too who posted their tags.

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