Story is based on the novel by a famous novelist, Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. Movie from the table of Vidhu Vinod Chopra under the direction of Pradeep Sarkar will have mixed expectations. One, we have always appreciated Vidhu Vinod Chopra, second Pradeep Sarkar is a new name.
Intelligent promos increase your curiosity. The cast too includes a newcomer.
Rest assured, you will be atleast happy if not delighted !

We have already heard/seen the story. Neighbourhood friends’ affection towards each other grows as they grow and turns into love. The display of ingredients of love, like – suspicion, trust, devotion, possession in a very controlled manner makes it all believable. Status, ego, family issues come in the way of their union, and not much before a third angle enters the story. Somemisunderstandings and quick turn of the events lead to their separation. Rest,watch it on the screen.

What makes this ordinary looking story, special is all credit to good movie making, with a touch of art. Director Pradeep Sarkar, who once directed those cute videos of Euphoria, succeeds in creating a overall picture that is so artistic on one hand and so narrative on the other. The right balance is seen in almost every shot and nothing seems overdone. Except, perhaps for the climax scene which was not very convincing. Leave that and you have a flow that is hitchless, set that is simple and beautiful, costumes that are adorable,
music that is good on ears (and sometime necessary for the poetic feel of
the movie) and performances that are perfect.

Sanjay Dutt in a short role is refreshing. Rekha appears for a “item number”.

Vidya Balan a new face on celluloid, has won all praises, which she trulydeserves. She had good amount of author backed shots and no harm at that.Saif, who was excellent with few comic roles, has again put a very impressive performance in a serious role. This will go down as one of his finest. He ecomes the character in some of the scenes.

Parineeta is one of the finest movies. Thank God, box office is also happy.

Disclaimer: Anyone and everyone seems to/ tends to compare the movie with
Devdas, because of obvious similarities. I am consciously not comparing.

2 thoughts on “Parineeta

  1. Hi, had come here via Dream Vendor who got tagged !!!

    Just wanted to pitch in my two cents on Parineetha – FANTASTIC FILM. Loved it. ONE of those rare movies where EVERY ACTOR has done his/her best. Memorable.

    Its a class of its own – na I wouldn't compare it with Devdas either. Parineetha is Parineetha. The climax was the only flaw – lets say the 'Drishti Potu' (Tamil) of the otherwise fabulous film 🙂