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June 12th 2005 in Life

I am changing my job. I am also moving out, to Chennai. My short break has come to an end. My further frequency of posting will depend on the facilities there.
There are few things that I will miss and few things that I will gain. I might write later about it. It was not an easy decision, but then life is like that.

Every person is replaceable, but I think I will really miss speaking (from office point of view) to one of my seniour colleagues, S. His knowledge in Control Systems, DSP, Drive train, Modelling, Matlab, Computers & technology in general, are on side of the scale. His insight into human thinking, history, socio-political issues, psycology, legal issues, research on issues related to Indian family system, system thinking etc are on the other side of the scale. One can only imagine his versatality.

The last day did not really feel like the last day. It was difficult to imagine I would not be going there the next day. I was given a very warm farewell by my colleagues.
Thanks a lot :)

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