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Sleuth is one of the most produced plays and most successful thriller by Anthony Shaffer. Produced by ACTor Company Theater, this play is being staged thrice a day for a week. I thought there would be no takers for the morning show, but I was wrong. One day I had to return empty handed.

I entered the audi and to my surprise it was very noisy. There were school kids making the kind of noise only they can make! Complaining to the teacher, boys teasing and fighting with girls, pushing one another and all other mischief that is normally present in a classroom was at display. Monitoring and punishment (pinching the ear, change of seating) followed naturally. Usually when the lights go off, the audi turns pin-drop silent. But this day it was different and children shouted loudly “anyways teacher can’t punish me because he can’t see me” attitude! The lines that made these children burst into laughter were very different from those that resulted in adults’ inhibited giggle. I laughed both the times 🙂

I always love the uniform clad school children. There is something to it.

Coming to the play, I had forgotten that last year I had seen the Kannada version of the same play “Haavu Yeni” by Benaka. So after first few scenes I vaguely remembered the story line. Narayanappa is a detective story writer and he comes to know that his wife is having an affair with Arun. Naranappa invites Arun home and involves him in a game. Game starts for fun and has different motive in the beginning, but it turns out to be a clever plot to trap Arun. Down and defeated Arun, comes back and reiteriates by cleverly fooling Narayanappa. Snake and ladder game goes on. Who wins, how he wins is not that much of interest compared to the turn of the events. Sharp comedy, clever twists succeed in retaining the thrill till the end. Good performances and dialogues complemented by a very good stage (worth Rs 6 Lakh) makes the play a wonderful experience.

Oh! There is a movie too – Sleuth.

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  1. Well, i can’t understand how school children were invited inspite of some really strong words being used in the play!!!
    nyways, i felt the play was stretched a bit, specially in the second half.. Final rehersal was wayyyyy better

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