She is a very choosy girl. Her endorsements have been very few. I think she is the only among good leading ladies not to have endorsed Lux. Apart from the recent ad with hubby Ajay Devgan, her previous ad was for Pepsi 6 years ago.
Now she is chosen as brand ambassadress for Asmi. What is interesting is she is not just approached for the endorsement but voted.

An intensive consumer survey revealed that Kajol inspires women across India.

But what is more interesting for me is that she is acting in a movie. Amir Khan ( whom I will forget if his movie does not come for another year…man it is already 4 years after DCH !) is opposite her. Given her ability to steal the show from biggest stars (remember the sob-sob K3G?!), it would be interesting to watch Amir with Kads. If she has agreed to do the movie, the script must have something for her (I am hoping this as her hubby is not involved in the project…remember I-don’t-find-adjective-to-describe Dil kya kare?!). High from the success of his previous venture (Hum Tum), Kunal kohli will be directing the movie which is set to go on floors in August.

Can’t wait for the first day first show 😀

13 thoughts on “Kajol

  1. Hey aamir's film is gonna come in june or july.Heard of Mangal paandey? U guessed it right.Its gonna realese soon!!!!!!

  2. thts a nice article on kajol, but u hav made a small mistake and i.e she has modelled for LUX, very few ppl no abt this, even i came to abt this a few days ago, but it is true, it was just a poster of lux, where they congragulate her for her DDLJ success, i even have the poster saved in my PC

  3. KAJOL is the best actress in this world! Thank you so much for this article… I'm happy that she is making a new movie soon! Can't wait to see it! And all her ads are great as well!!!

  4. Reema,
    I had asked you for the pic. Kajol never endorsed for lux…the picture u r speaking is probably taken when she was awarded best actress award by Lux-Zee cine awards.

  5. I am not going to delete the above comment ..bcoz only for this post do I get such comments from a person who is learning to write..!

  6. hallo i m bujar in macedonija i live sharukhan and kajol thes is the best i love you sharukhan and kajol you are the best in azia,america(N),antartik,afrika,europe,australien(S) caooooooooooooooooo you are the best i love you cao bujar…
    bujar sulejmani in macedonia-skopje-josif-mihjallovic 2a

  7. Heya Guys, well good to see a kajol fan group, i think shes a great actress and i love seein her in all her ads, some of my friends think that the recent marie ads are not the best in the world, but what the hell, its fun and interestin to see her in a diff avtaar, also the tata indicom ad, well i liked the first one the others were all thanda accoridng me, also the whirpool ad was nice but i guess it was just one ad, also i never seen the asmi ad ?? i hope she does continue to do some more, hopefully a cola ad and lux wud be nice too….every crappy actress less than her salt has done and it wud be nice if the mighty kajol decides to do it

  8. Nishant,
    Thanks for dropping by…
    I share some of ur thoughts…esp this one
    every crappy actress less than her salt has done and it wud be nice if the mighty kajol decides to do it,
    but she had already rejected it long back

    Asmi ad comes only on newspaper and hoardings
    Btw, this is not her fan group..for which you can head right over http://kajol-boards.net

  9. kajol is tha best eva …. i onli jus started watching hindi movies nd kajol and srk r lyk tha best
    amanda xoxo