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Our class e-group occasionally sleeps or should I say hibernates. So we (I & Sriram) decided to create some news on the group that would attract the people to reply. And the first mail goes out :

End of first innings for PK!!!
Pk has plans to end his bachelorhood and will be starting a different innings!

This mail is on behalf of our dear friend, PK who will be “catch”ing a “maiden” as his life “partner”. The date does not seem to be fixed. He was feeling quite shy to share this news with all of us.

He is willing to give a party on this 23rd, i.e, next-to-next saturday!!
Arrive there to celeberate this momentous (is it so?? ;)) day of his life.

There seems to be a story behind this alliance and he is on the footsteps of Sachin (his role model) in some aspects!!

Pitch: Pai Viceroy – Party Hall, Jayanagar 3rd block
Time: 7:00 PM onwards
Date: Apr. 23rd 2005.

Pk is our dear friend, whose speedy maths, quick-wit, comic one-liners are as great a hit as his love for and talent in cricket. He is sort of shy guy and his marriage, as we guessed, would surprise many!

We felt just playing a prank on him would not be very successful and thought of getting him involved! Initially he baffled,but being a good sport he agreed to co-operate.

Replies to group and personally to Pk started flowing in. No need to mention, reading each mail was so much fun, that cubicle mates always wondered why I laugh to myself so much 😀

When some of our friends for some reason called me to find out, being a very truthful guy I could not hold. But Pk was a huge success making everyone he met believe about it. Some one called him, some one met him, some others mailed him personally. He convinced most of them.
One interesting friend felt shy to talk to Pk about the news! Imagine a boy feeling shy to speak about marriage to a boy who is getting married ! Times surely have changed!

Meanwhile for more enquiring friends, Pk wanted more details about the girl.

Create some girl with fictitious name, fictitious background and some fictitious company she is
working in so that all 3 of us can convey the same thing to everybody.

He himself started with some story :

She stays close to my place and I know here from a long time…..its just that I never had an opportunity to tell anybody. She proposed to me some 6 months back and I accepted it as simple as that .. she is in a hurry to get married and so this decision…..she works in a MNC ……

To which Sriram added some more details.

Company – Goldman sachs hopefully no one knows anyone out there ….

And the story continued. Needless to mention that some thought went into naming the person, company etc.

So Priya works in Goldman Sachs on M.G.Road and stays close to my place and she proposed 6 months back.

I didn’t tell u this because I just wasn’t sure of my decision and moreover I did not want to complicate things but I had to finally make a decision

Its a kind of both family affair and a love story

I have been seeing her from much before college days. Planning about marriage pretty soon.

Now even we had also started feeling if Pk is really getting married !!

All the while we were enjoying the mails to a great extent. But there was a small fear. The fear if Pk’s mother comes to know about it from someone else. All this time, Pk was silent in the group mails just to prolong the fun. But we didn’t want it to go too far. So we decided to draw the curtains. But due to some work, there was one day delay.

The mail, now sent by Pk (composed by urs truly) to the group:

Match called off!
Dear friends,
Thanks for all of you wishing.
Actually, thanks for falling for a prank played out by M/s Sriram and Rk. YES, I am NOT getting married now.
Since the group was virtually dead, and also inspired by some similar prank on the internet, these good friends of mine played the prank on me. Initially I was baffled, but later joined hands with them, for fun. I even coined a name and profession for the girl whom I am supposed to “catch”. I am sure you all will take it in good spirit, since this is the month of April. And if any outburst, kindly direct them at, you know whom.

I am really overjoyed by the love ushered on to me in the form of wishings by my dear friends, who mailed to group, mailed to me personally and even called me.

Once again, thank you all. Do attend my real marriage party sometime after 2 years,
Ps: Reference to Tendulkar is because she is elder to me.

Which was followed by replies.

But our worst fears had already come true (remember one day delay?). Pk’s mother had got a call informing and enquiring her about her son’s marriage! No wonder that, his mother, knowing him and his friends well, could handle it well !

The final mail could have been better if above mentioned PS was not forgotten.
Finally here is the hero of the story, Pk :

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