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Crazy fella

June 8th 2005 in General, Life

I am. Yes, I don’t think anyone else would watch back to back movies in cinema hall. PVR. That too alone :D
What the heck ? I havent seen a movie for last 2-3 months. Also I am on a break to relax and enjoy :) When I was busy, everyone seemed to enjoy, now when others are quite occupied, I am having gala time !! I know- watching movies is not that great enjoyment, but then …

If it is worth the time, reviews will follow.

Somehow, lonliness is not as scary! Atleast for me.

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“Crazy fella”
naveen bk

You are wrong, even I too belong to ur category, was getting bugged with all the work, so thanks to an imposed break on me, I got a chance to watch 2 movies back to back, now u know, u got very good company. And unlike you it was not that I had'nt seen any movie, my last was B&B, but i had to watch Mr & Mrs Smith, just to see Anjelina, I don't know wht both were doing in the whole movie, I was just seeing her, man she is too hot…. no wonder Brad Pitt left Jeniffer and went for AJ…

The movie has already crossed 300 days of showing all across Karnataka. Such movies usually raise the expectations and then disappoint me. Not Apthamitra.

Produced by Dwarakish, Directed by P Vasu this movie brings mega stars in one screen: Ramesh, Vishnuvardhan, Soundarya and Prema.

It starts off promptly introducing Ramesh(Ramesh) who with his wife Ganga (Soundarya), come […]

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Our class e-group occasionally sleeps or should I say hibernates. So we (I & Sriram) decided to create some news on the group that would attract the people to reply. And the first mail goes out :

End of first innings for PK!!!
Pk has plans to end his bachelorhood and will be starting a different innings!

This […]

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