The movie has already crossed 300 days of showing all across Karnataka. Such movies usually raise the expectations and then disappoint me. Not Apthamitra.

Produced by Dwarakish, Directed by P Vasu this movie brings mega stars in one screen: Ramesh, Vishnuvardhan, Soundarya and Prema.

It starts off promptly introducing Ramesh(Ramesh) who with his wife Ganga (Soundarya), come to a village and wish to stay in a haunted house much against the wishes of relatives and localities. The house is known to be a place where King had married a danseuse Nagavalli and later burnt her to death after learning about her love affair with neighbour Ramnath, a dance teacher. It is said that her spirit is locked in a room in the house. Enter Ramesh’s friend Vijay(Vishnu), a psychologist.

Troubles by the spirit start after Ganga, with the help of Soumya (Prema) – grand daughter of watchman of the house, gets a duplicate key to the locked room and unlocks it. Ganga finds Nagavalli’s jewels, dance materials and a diary of Nagavalli, among other things in the room. A professional spirit-chaser is invited for help, while Vijay continues efforts in his own style.

The movie takes interesting turns and succeeds in holding the interest of the audience till the end.

The scientific reasoning of seemingly blind-belief struck horror has come out nicely. Previously such an attempt was made by Sunil Kumar Desai in Marma.

Direction is good. Performances by Soundarya, this was her last performance, is just brilliant. Her beautiful face, amazing expressions are her strengths. I felt – the scene where her facial expressions change while holding the jewellery is the best scene in the entire movie. It is really sad that she is no more.
Vishnuvardhan, a veteran, even at this age proves once again that the actor in him is still young. His screen presence, dialogue delivery, effortless acting provide the charm to the movie.
Ramesh’s role, save for few scenes, is nothing great. So is Prema’s whose role is too short to leave an impression. In few scenes which were not author backed for Ramesh, but he stays in the screen and displays his talent- watching such scenes is a treat for Ramesh fans.
Music and a good background score is achieved by Gurukiran. Among the songs, haunting “Ra ra“ will stay on the ears.

Among the downs, I felt the addressing of Captain, Vice-captain was too artificial and also remains unexplained. Vijay-Soumya relationship could have been developed a bit more. The title is not very apt, but is understandable given the relationship of Vishnu and Dwarakish.

On the whole, it is a good movie, well worth the time. Quite balanced in all forms. No wonder that it is doing well in the theaters. But considering the success of Chandramukhi, which is the remake of Aptha mitra, it could have been better.

9 thoughts on “Aptha Mitra

  1. Never I beleived that in this age, our very own Kannada Film industry would bring out such a gem or a movie. Recenty heard that the movie has bagged all 5 major awards of the South Indian Filmfare awards (best actor, actress, director, movie and music).

    Soundarya's performance is brilliant and is worth considering for even National Award I wud say.

    Any Kannadiga must and should go and watch the movie and encourage such visual wonders, so that we get more of it.

    Contrary to what you have said, I feel the best scene of the movie is where Soundarya lifts the cot and immediately change the expressions as if she doesn't knwo what happened. Hats off to Soundarya and what a great loss to us!

  2. Saw the movie yesterday. Liked it. Like most movies few things were left unexplained.

    Storytellers should learn to provide correct facts and provide adequate explanations.

    Good Entertainment. Fast moving and interesting. However, it is not recommended for kids under 10-11.

  3. Arun,
    Yes, there were few things left unexplained. Like the scene when in the midnight stones were hit at the family members and clock etc.
    I feel , it is ok for kids too. They are exposed to more than this through the TV.

  4. I feel though there are few negative points as rightly mentiond by my friends RK and Arun, it was overpowered by the positive points like strong screenplay, music, and super acting. We should appreciate the effort put by all the artist and technician in this film. Hats of to Apthamitra Team. What you say buddies.

  5. hola como estas, kajol soy una admiradora tuya me encanta tus peliculas; ojala algun dia se te ocurra venir por peru , pues es un pais muy bonito atte blanca

  6. Yarappa neenu Blanca ? Yaava bhasheyalli barediddiya.
    I tried to translate thinking the above is in Spanish, and it approximately means that the person thinks Kajol is writing here and he/she is an admirer of Kajol and is asking her to drop by Peru!