It will, so said Murphy. In my case it is very pronounced. Even if something is not supposed to go wrong, it still will. Who can expect the circuit, which was perfect for days, to fail just few hours before the final exam?

Recently again something happened and I really got completely disappointed. I had been to a family function of my uncle. He offered me to take the photographs using his analog camera. This proud digicam owner rejected it and flashed new favourite possession and took good photographs. Amidst the curious queries like “how many photos can it holdâ€?, “oh! we can see it now itself?!â€?. “where are the negatives?â€?, “how to take printsâ€? etc, I managed to capture some nice moments. Kids hugging each other, grandparents talking serious politics, some wonderful smiles and the photos related to the function were all shot.

And then the worst happened. Memory card gave up all of a sudden. No clue, no reason! All the pics were gone in a flash. I had the constant worry of something turning sour and thus, even in a hurry I had managed time to buy backup rechargable batteries and remembered to charge them. All precautions taken, of all the unexpected possibilities, 2 month old memory card with hardly 4 rewrites, died.

The same curious people who could not believe the camera could hold close to thousand photos, now could not believe all the photos were dead in a moment. It was opined only few might have been corrupt or that I did not know the correct operation. I was in no mood to convince them.

All in all, it was very sad. I thought I had captured the moments to preserve for ages in digital format. Sometimes, things are very temporary.

3 thoughts on “If anything can go wrong

  1. Wht u said is true, wht has to happen will happen, v cant control everything, even i too had similar kind of experience, not of losing all photos, but when i tried to take print of the photos taken on digital camera, they came very bad, i really felt bad because, bcos in our analog camera there were still few shots left & i had told tht v can take prints from digital camera also. But I dont know may b there r some settings to b done, hav to find out.

  2. Yes, you are correct. Even, I had a similar. I took my digicam to one of friend’s sister’s engagement. Stupid camera had a resolution setting, which I didn’t change. Finally, the images were so small that I couldn’t show them to anybody.

  3. Analog camera is the best if you go for printed pictures. Mine is an old Canon. So far so good pictures. But then, we’re living in a digitized world.