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I had sent a distress-sms to many people in my phone book “Hi…I need to talk to you. I can’t speak on my mobile. Kindly call this number: 2656…It is about you.â€?

On their calling the number they would hear to an answering machine

“Thank you for calling Nimhans. If you know the extension …..â€?

The reaction was varied. I got back few hate smses. Most of them called the number and got fooled. Few of them called me to bash me and accept they called, but few others did not respond and hided their folly.

I felt it was really a success when a friend called up and spoke to me, she was speaking to me after months! Another friend who was on a cold war, smsed back to check if everything was fine! Even those who have not stored my number called me up. Though they started in the tone “What the hell? I was busy with something and your sms….â€?, after the initial exchanges, they asked about my well-being and other things.

It was good fun, more so because I was waiting for someone to turn up. It was also a good revenge to my getting fooled by the same sms.

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