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If things keep me so busy that I don’t have time to even record them, what more can I ask for ? 😉

Chennai is a city most people – including its own sons – love to hate , or at least hate to love. The reasons are plenty ranging from hot-climate to unfriendly people. I have never found such a uniform negative opinion about a city !

For me, I just had to visit the place. A two day visit at the most was what I had planned. First, I booked the tickets in advance on-line. I am slowly utilizing the power of net and I found this exercise very comfortable and useful. Last time I had to run to ticket-booking center early in the morning, yet had to wait in the queue for about an hour. This time in an unearthly hour of 11 in the night, sitting at home I could book the tickets.

After the lengthy day, Sriram joined me timely(+1hr) at 8 PM . A visit to Mary brown. Sriram is the most optimistic person I have seen. Imagine him even hoping to get current show’s tickets for a Rajanikanth movie, in Chennai, in the first week of its release and that too on a weekend! We went to a theater, only to find what we guessed.

In an effort to utilise the rest of the day (night), we roamed (walked from Gemini flyover to Triplicane – around 6km) and visited a beach. This is the same area which was partly affected by Tsunami, but did we see any traces? Visiting beach in the night around 10 pm was exciting (read haunting sounds) but we did not play in the water. Then we went to a local railway station (Parakkum rail) which was, completely deserted. I was reminded of the DCH railway station scene. But not even a sign of a beggar to scare us. We tried to shoot some pics of theyear.
A ride back to room in a shared auto was a very good.

Lazy start in the morning costed us 🙁

Having booked return tickets for the night, we had enough time to roam around the city.

We traveled via local train, just for its sake, from Park to Mambalam.

We visited one of the prime shopping streets of Chennai for Jewellery (Usman Road). Also the prime area for clothes. I was surprised by the omni-present shops by name Saravanan. But the highlight of the window shopping was Pothy’s. This shop is huge (4-5 floors of garments). We entered the shop for only one reason – AC. The darbar set-up and other drama-costume clad people surprised me! Also there are small games to keep the kids involved. We even played Chess on a large board ï?Š This is the only shop I have seen with so much un-selfish concern for the visitors. Hanging around a chess board can actually make one feel the ladies shopping time shorter by hours.
Sriram was again hoping to watch Chandramukhi. I just needed some place to sit and sleep. So we went to another theater. I got a small taste of Rajani-worshipping with all the banners and decorations. Again, of course, we could not get the tickets.
We went to IIT. An envious campus to be at. We even caught a sight of deers running around! We tried to reach main building from main gate on foot, but soon were exhausted. Later took the bus to reach near the main building only to find the canteens being closed. We just had to satisfy ourselves with a look at the library and then we returned.

Off we went to beach (Elliots beach). Under the hot sun on the hot sand, we took a good nap. You should be really tired to realize the beauty of sleep. Few photo-shooting and balloon shooting , then we proceeded to a coffee-bar next to the beach. The contrasting atmosphere with the outside – heat vs ac, silence vs noise , poor vs posh , dull vs colorful – was very evident.
We then went to a HUGE shopping mall – Spencers plaza. One round of window shopping and we were back to railway station. We finally ate something in Saravanan and occupied our seats in train. Sriram also investigated that our co-passenger was Shalini (F 22).

It was a pleasant journey back home. Despite a ton load on my mind, if I could enjoy certain things, that was mainly due to Sriram and of course some part of the credit goes to the city itself – Chennai.

Other Pics

Highlights :

    People have run out of names for the hotels I guess – I could see Hotel Park, Hotel Picnic, etc.
    Train journey with(out) the co-passenger Shalini (F 22)
    Sleeping at beach under the hot sun
    Visiting the deserted railway station.
    Using various modes of communication with in city limits – Local train, bus, auto (3 kinds) , on foot.
    Sriram’s optimism about Chandramukhi.

    Omni-presence of stores by name Saravanan.

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  1. I'm one of the Chennai persons who loves to love Chennai & hates to hate Chennai. Chennai has so much to offer that I find it strange when Chennai's own people talk bad about the city. Am glad that you enjoyed the city.

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