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April 6th 2005 in Life, Pics

Yes, you guessed it right !! I am talking about my new buy – Digital Camera ! Canon Powershot A520
BlogPics/3q.jpg You can see the glow of my face while I am writing this, with the camera just in front of me recording this!

One of the long-standing things in my wishlist can be striked off. This has to be my favourite possession…more than even my music system.
BlogPics/MusicSystem.jpg(Let me exclude computer). I mean I dont remember having liking for any particular toy but I liked camera. A camera was on my wishlist even before I had heard about computer ! Even later, I had to delay the buying of camera for various reasons. Now the wait is finally over.

I am at a loss of words to thank Chaitra who bought the camera from States.
I can see the complete professional review here! This is a wonderful site which lists the features, costs, provides reviews, users comments, comparisions and many other things. Must visit for a camera enthu.

Few shots:

Take One!


Bro all glees with US chocos!


A design!


Sky is the limit !
More professional pics coming soon :)

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Grey Vampire

cool blog but ada paaaavi….u took up a lota of my broad band Mbs …..


Hi RK,All the best for the next Photo Bloggers award. Start today!


hey vampire,thanks and sorry.hey dilip,thanks for the tip !!

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